Saturday, October 18, 2014

Day Thirty

I am currently in the hospital again this time it's taking a lot longer to get me back to health, I have been here for the past 30 days and still I'm still here.; At the rate I'm going I could become a resident of the hospital. My patience is running thin now since  I'm an Isolation patient( I have MRSA in my nose which is not serious but it could be pass on) I can't leave the floor I'm in, this means that I can only walk around the unit(or the nurses station) which is not much of a walk as you can imagine, and I can only see the outside world threw my window since I have so much time in my hands I have learn to crochet a few things maybe I'll take a picture latter and post it here, I also draw and color to past the time I have try to keep my self busy but now that i been here for so long it has become useless in entertaining me all I want is to go outside at least for a minute or two just to feel the air in my face. My contact with the world outside is only threw my family that comes to visit, I have try to keep my self calm but i't's really hard when you have nothing to do but see outside my window.

I also started this blog because I want to be able to reach out to other people even if it's threw this blog. I spend a lot of my time  in front of my computer( thank god for technology and for free Wi-Fi) It has become my only entertainment and even thought I love it at times like this I can loath it too. One thing I find really interesting about being here inside the hospital is the staff you know the doctors, the nurses, the CNA's(nurses assistants), and even the cleaning crew they all seem to spend a lot of time inside the hospital some because they really don't have a choice since they have to work but some (like the cleaning crews) just hang around to either gossip or wait for a friend that has fallen behind in paper work and it's trying to play catch up. I seen how the nurses flirt with each other and try to hook up and even seen a nurse droll over a doctor. I think that since the nurses spend a great deal of time in the hospital, most of them have a twelve hour shifts three or four times a week they really don't have time to meet people outside their working environment so they tend to pick from around the hospital, I once ask my nurse if it was difficult maintaining a relationship with a co-worker and the answer was that at time it was but the real trouble was when the relationship didn't work out or ended badly the whole hospital knew about it (thanks cleaning crew) and you get to see them around all the time. 

I think that the time I have been spending here has really help me appreciate all the little things I do on a daily basis that I can't do here like walk outside to water the plants and get the mail or just do laundry. I'm going to keep on writing hopefully I'll get into a habit of doing so like I use to do and post often Please if you read this leave a comment if only to say hello I'll appreciate anyone taking the time to read this. I'll post soon bye...

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